Amphiro Digital Hand Shower

What Amphiro does for you

The smart way to shower

Amphiro displays your hot water consumption while showering to promote a more conscious use of energy.

Feeling good − doing good

With Amphiro, you actively contribute to the preservation of the planet's energy and water resources on a daily basis.

Keep your consumption in check

Follow the evolution of your consumption and find trends over time in the Amphiro app.

Simply save energy

Heating water takes a lot of energy. Real-time feedback on water and energy consumption results in yearly savings of 645 kWh in a 3-person household on average (study by the ETH Zurich).

The Amphiro Digital Hand Shower pays for itself

By saving energy and water, you also save money. Real-time feedback helps save over 100€ on average for a typical household – every year.

It’s easier to set goals when you know where you stand. Amphiro gives you detailed data and insights about your water and energy consumption, so you can track your habits and change them for the better.

Be a better you

How’s that discussion about shower length going with your teenager? Is your kiddo ready to transition from bathtub to shower?

Amphiro helps you manage your family’s water and energy consumption thanks to digital, color-coded and animated real-time feedback. Perfect for all the kids in your house from 1 to 100 years old.

Make it a family challenge

Heating water requires enormous amounts of energy. Amphiro gives you clear and actionable insights about your water and energy consumption, helping you to preserve the planet‘s resources on a daily basis.

Save resources, one shower at a time