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Amphiro Digital Hand Shower

The smart way to shower

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Save energy and water with Amphiro

Discover the only showerhead that displays your hot water consumption while you shower and promotes a conscious use of energy.

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Creating awareness

Energy and water conservation made easy

Amphiro allows you to set your own consumption targets and helps you stay on track thanks to its powerful feedback technology. You become more conscious of your consumption habits, set a good example for your kids and family and take a step toward your sustainability goals.

Powerful. Clear. Sustainable.

  • No charging, no batteries
  • Fits all shower hoses
  • Easy installation
  • Connects to free app
  • Made in Finland
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knowledge is power

Most powerful feedback technology in the world

Amphiro's real-time feedback on consumption results in average annual energy savings of 645 kWh in a 3-person household*. People who like to take long showers even save significantly more.

* Data for an average 3-person household. Based on a randomised controlled field study by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich).


proven results

Backed by science

Amphiro’s results are based on the most comprehensive studies on the effect of real-time feedback ever done. Representative data was collected in Europe (Switzerland, Germany, the Netherland) as well as Singapore, comprising 636 households and over 45’000 showers.


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Small changes, big savings

Heating water requires a lot of energy. As an analogy: one second in the shower requires as much energy as fully charging a smartphone. Therefore, even small changes in showering behaviour have a big effect. Real-time feedback has a big impact because it works on the instantaneous behaviour - not on the good resolutions for the next day.


Features of the
Amphiro Digital Hand Shower

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Speaks to your phone

Set your own, personal sustainability goals in the dedicated app, and keep an eye on your consumption trends.


invest in the future

Pays for itself

By saving energy and water, you also save money. Real-time feedback helps save over 100€ on average for a typical household* – every year. The acquisition costs are recouped in 15 months, and the production energy already in 8 months.

* Data for an average 3-person household. Based on a randomised controlled field study by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich).


make it your own

Award-winning design for your bathroom

The Amphiro Digital Hand Shower has won five prestigious awards thanks to its timeless design, high-quality finish and brilliant features. Especially praised for its light-weight, durable built, comfortable grip as well as rich and gentle rain jet, this hand shower effortlessly fits into every bathroom.

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