How Amphiro works

It’s all in your hands

Using real-time feedback, Amphiro allows you to adapt your behaviour at the moment of consumption. As with heart rate fluctuations while exercising or gas consumption while driving, Amphiro doesn’t restrict you in anyway, it simply offers data – a powerful psychological driver – to increase awareness and trigger change.

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Small but mighty

Amphiro products work with no external power supply. They come to life thanks to the water running through their core. Magic? Hardly. Powerful engineering? Obviously.

The result of years of intensive research and development as well as clever design, Amphiro runs on minimal energy while insuring maximal reliability. At the heart of the device, a tiny turbine is spun by the water flow, generating enough energy to power all its beloved features, while letting you enjoy your shower as usual: no drop in water pressure, no annoying noises, just you winning your imaginary argument.

That’s technological advancement at its best: unsuspected yet invaluable.

Data as motivation

Relying on a series of studies involving 3’000 households and more than 400’000 showers, Amphiro has proven its relevance and power. But knowledge and awareness alone are not enough to change the world or, in our case, result in savings. This is why you, the user, are the essential component in Amphiro’s effectiveness.

Your social aspirations, the goals you set for yourself and your motivation to reach them turn a series of numbers into meaningful, actionable data. In other words, Amphiro’s technology is most powerful when driven by your commitment and convictions.

Sharing is caring

As powerful as real-time feedback may be, the reward in seeing the positive evolution of your efforts over time is just as essential to ensure long-term engagement. As smart devices, all Amphiro products can be connected to smartphones via Bluetooth. The collected data become accessible in the free Amphiro app, beautifully arranged so you can find trends and follow your progress.