Amphiro Digital Hand Shower

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€ 119.90

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Perfectly balancing style, technology and durability, the Amphiro Digital Hand Shower makes you look and feel great: clean and relaxed after a well-deserved shower, you will also save on your energy bills. What’s not to like?

Using real-time feedback, the Amphiro Digital Hand Shower promotes a more conscious use of energy. Stay in control of your energy and water usage thanks to the coloured LED facing you, and get detailed insights from the LCD on the back of your Amphiro Digital Hand Shower.

To access additional data and identify trends over time, simply download the free Digital Hand Shower app and connect your Amphiro Digital Hand Shower to your smartphone.

Set your own goals and challenge yourself and your family to a more sustainable use of natural resources.


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€ 119.90

€ 89.90 (-25%)

free shipping* | *only one coupon applicable per purchase


Technical specifications

  • Water temperature in real time [°C]
  • Water usage in real time [liters]
  • Polar bear animation
  • Colored LED based on set on goal set by user
  • Total energy consumption of each shower [kWh] (only when water is turned off)

Clear, clever, connected


Fits commercially available shower hoses. Hose not included.

See all technical specifications.

Easy installation

The Amphiro Digital Hand Shower simply replaces your current shower head. Its installation requires no tools or plumbing knowledge.

Download the user manual for recommendations on how to care for your Digital Hand Shower.


No batteries needed.

The Amphiro Digital Hand Shower works with no external power supply, harvesting energy from the water flow.

Find out more about how Amphiro works.

Connects to the Digital Hand Shower app (from Bluetooth 4.0). Can also be used without the app.

Download the Digital Hand Shower app for iOS and Android to keep track of your showers, follow the evolution of your water and energy consumption and find trends over time.

Useful information


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The 5 most frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of Amphiro and their products?

Although Switzerland and Central Europe are water-rich regions, many people are unaware of the amount of energy required to heat water. 16% of the energy used in a household can typically be attributed to water heating – the majority of which is used to shower and bath. As a comparison: cooking and lighting account for approximately 5% of energy requirements in a household.
Amphiro products allow you to get an overview of your hot water consumption in the shower. This way, you can monitor your efficiency goals or simply develop a feeling for your personal energy usage when showering. This information helps you use heat energy in a conscious way and motivates you towards a more sustainable use of valuable resources. For example, Amphiro can help a 3-person household to reduce their annual water and energy consumption by an average of 645 kWh heat energy as well as 11’500 l drinking and waste water – that amounts to savings of more than 20% when compared with original consumption.

How do people save water and energy with Amphiro?

Amphiro products display water and energy consumption during and after showering. The user is thus provided with all the information required for greater awareness of energy consumption – without being dictated to by automatic fittings or flow limiters.

Can I connect my Amphiro device and transfer data with any smartphone?

All Amphiro products may be connected to mobile phones, as long as the smartphone in question has Bluetooth 4.0 or a later version. This is the case for all Apple phones from version 4S. You can also synchronize your data with many new Android devices, however we are not yet able to ensure that this works for all Android phones.

Will I receive a shower hose with my new Amphiro product?

A shower hose is not included when you buy a new Amphiro product. You can use the hose of your choice, that best fits your installation, design and style.

I have young children. Can I install an Amphiro device in my shower?

Of course! Under normal circumstances, Amphiro products cannot be opened by hand. Prior to and during installation of you Amphiro device, make sure small children do not get hold of small parts, which could be swallowed or inhaled. Once installed, normal shower precautions apply.
The Amphiro device should only be installed and removed by an adult.

How do I clean my Amphiro device?

Clean your Amphiro device with a damp cloth. Do not immerse the device in water and do not use any abrasive or corrosive cleaning agents or limescale removers (scouring agent, vinegar etc.). This could damage the device.

Ready to join thousands of happy users and start your own sustainability journey?

How Amphiro works